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Dave's Testimonial

I am 53 years old. I began running 3-4 miles every other day about 8 years ago when my daughters were in college. During that time I ran several 5 K races just for the fun of it but never was very serious about my training. 
About 3 years ago a friend I was running with encouraged me to run a half marathon. While we were doing our long runs on the weekend he talked to me about lactic acid and began doing some Fartlek training with me. Running the half marathon was a great experience and it stirred within me a dream of someday running a marathon. However many of my friends encouraged me not to run it because of the wear and tear it creates on the body. I did not have time to train anyway, so the dream became a distant memory.    
This past year I moved to Dallas, Tx. and I encountered some new friends who were planning to run in the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. That stirred up the desire again within me to once and for all run that marathon that I had dreamed about. 
My biggest concern was to train properly so that I would be in the best possible physical shape. I wanted to do all I could to ensure that I would have a great experience and not bring permanent harm to my physical condition. 
I began doing a lot of research on marathon training programs for first time marathoners. Many of them seemed to say the same thing - short runs during the week and long runs on weekends. However, your training program was different. You had variety in workouts and you wrote about the importance of not over training. 
I was very intrigued by your training philosophy and blessed by your encouragement that I could actually run 26 miles. The more I read the more sense it made and the more I was convinced to give your program a chance to work in my life.  
After I downloaded your material I read both e-books and found them to be very thorough and informative but not overwhelming like some of the other material I had looked at. You answered many questions that I have had throughout my time of running, especially in the area of eating and how food interacts with the body. 
I have also started to be more intentional about stretching after my runs and your direction in that area has been very helpful. 
As I do the training I find myself refering back time and time again to your resources. It really is like having a personal trainer with me as I do the training.  
I have been following your program exactly as you wrote it... The variety has been interesting and challenging. Each day I look forward to doing something different and I am already feeling some results. 
Before I started your training I must admit that I was becoming discouraged with just running every other day. I was not feeling like I was getting in better shape. In fact I felt like I was going the other way - getting slower and more tired. I was probably headed toward ending my running altogether if something had not changed.
Your program has revitalized my desire to run because it has given me hope that I can get in better shape by doing the things you have layed out.  I am expecially encouraged that I do not feel worn out every day from running like I used to before I began your program.
Thanks for sharing your insights and for giving me the tools I need to be ready for my upcoming marathon.
I would recommend your material to anyone who is serious about being fully prepared for their race day. You have made it all very easy to understand and you have given me the confidence that I really can do this.
I am very excited to continue to train and get in shape for my adventure ahead.
Dave Hampson - Dallas


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