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How To Run A Marathon

If you’ve spent time training, improving your fitness and your endurance levels so that you have the ability to run a marathon, then learning exactly how to run a marathon will be the final piece of puzzle to put in place.


If you’ve built up your weekly mileage to a point where the distances no longer challenge you and you’ve managed to avoid any injuries or serious niggles along the way, then the only remaining obstacle in fulfilling your goal is to actually run a marathon. 


As simple as that sounds, avoid these 3 mistakes first time marathoners often make: - 


Mistake #1 


Setting Off Too Fast 


With the excitement and buzz of the starting line, many people get carried away with the mood and set off under a burst of adrenalin, much too fast. This really takes it out of your legs and zaps your energy stores, leaving you struggling during the latter stages of the race. 


Mistake #2 


Competitive Running 


Trying to keep up with a little old lady or a seemingly out of shape fellow runner is a big mistake. You have no idea what level of fitness other runners have, any bursts of speed or extra effort will always take its toll on you at some stage in the race. 


Mistake #3 


Not drinking enough 


Not making use of the water stations along the course is another mistake. When you are dehydrated your performance will start to suffer. Ideally take smaller sips of water or a carbohydrate drink regularly throughout the race especially towards the end of the race. Beware of gulping down large amounts as this can lead to nausea and stomach cramps. 


If you want to learn how to run a marathon and how much training to do in order to be able to accomplish this goal, ‘Marathon Training For Beginners’ is an excellent choice. It is an entertaining and easy to use marathon training schedule for beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time. Click here for more details.


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