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How To Train For A Marathon

For any aspiring marathoner, how to train for a marathon will be an important question that requires a useful answer.


If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but you’ve never really been any good at running, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily can’t do it.


It is very rare if not almost unheard of that anyone becomes good at something before they have even attempted it. Did the world’s greatest violinist become a master before even picking up a bow? What about the world’s best tennis player, brilliant before even hitting a ball…I seriously doubt it. They probably didn’t even show any sort of exceptional talent after many months or even years of PRACTISE.


Running actually doesn’t take any skill. Virtually anyone who is able bodied and in good health has the ability to run. But to go that step further and become good at it requires regular training and consistent practise.


BE WARNED…You will not be able to run a marathon if you follow a haphazard training approach. You should implement these 4 strategies: -


Train Smart


Yes, you are training for a marathon and that requires a certain amount of slow steady running each week. But just focussing on this type of training is a mistake as it places too much stress on your joints and nervous system, and fitness improvements will be slow.


Vary Your Training


To improve distance running you need to develop endurance in your legs and your heart and lungs, so practise other activities that also produce these improvements such as swimming, cycling or rowing.


Progress Regularly


Each week you must ensure that your training gets progressively harder, with small consistent improvements.


Don’t Forget About Rest Days, they are almost as important as your training days.


If you want to know how to train for a marathon, you need to learn all you can about marathon running. ‘Marathon Training For Beginners’ is an entertaining and easy to use marathon training schedule for beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time. Click here for more details.


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