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How To Train For Your First Marathon

If you are a beginner you need to know how to train for your first marathon, because if you do the wrong things from the start, you might as well say goodbye to achieving your dream of running a marathon.


Before you begin training there are a few things you need to do: -


#1  You need to make sure that your body is medically capable of undertaking the task. A visit to your doctor should confirm this, if you have any health problems these need to be addressed.


#2  Any injuries need to be fully healed and niggles checked by a physiotherapist. Any fitness regime will be difficult to stick to if you are carrying injuries from the start.


#3  Before you even put one foot on the road, you absolutely must sort out some appropriate footwear. Buying the correct shoes for your running style is essential. I recommend you visit a specialist running store that has the facilities to test and diagnose your particular running gait. They will then be able to prescribe the exact running shoes you need.


#4  Once you’ve bought your running shoes you need to wear them in before you attempt any running at all, so wear them around the house or throughout the day for at least a week.


#5  Do some research, so you learn how your body changes and adapts during training as without this knowledge you won’t know when you need to increase your efforts, or perhaps reduce the amount of training you are doing.


#6  Finally you need a marathon training schedule to follow, which will serve as the backbone of your training, the basis of everything you do and when you do it. Your training schedule doesn’t have to be cast in stone, if you need rest days, take them, but as much as possible try to progress and change things as your schedule dictates.


To truly understand how to train for your first marathon, you need to invest in knowledge. ‘Marathon Training For Beginners’ will teach you everything you need to know about running a marathon so you avoid injury, make rapid progress, stay motivated and achieve your goals. Click here for details.


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