Marathon Training Schedule

Do You Need A Marathon Coach?

If you are considering running a marathon, could you benefit from hiring the services of a marathon coach?


Many people these days turn to experts when they have a particular goal or hobby they would like to pursue. Golf, tennis, and swimming coaches are just some of the professionals you can use to speed up your progress and ensure you stay on track.


Running a marathon is no different. Here are some of the benefits you will notice if you hire your own marathon coach: -




A good coach will ensure that you are motivated and making progress. Whenever you make an appointment with someone there is always a greater pressure on you to be on time, work harder or simply turn up and this will ensure that your training gets done.




Training for a marathon isn’t simply a case of running endless miles, there are many advanced training techniques that you can use that will reduce the amount of time you spend training but increase the rate of your progress much faster.


Injury Prevention


Any quality personal trainer or running coach understands the signs of overtraining or potential injuries lurking. By keeping your coach informed and discussing the way your body feels you can be sure that you aren’t overdoing it and avoid potential injuries.




This is one of the main reasons why most runners give up before they make any real progress. A  coach will ensure that your fitness is progressing so you continue to improve at the fastest rate possible.

If you like the idea of working with a marathon coach but can’t afford to pay upwards of $50.00 per workout, why not have a look at ‘Marathon Training For Beginners.’ In my books I will teach you all you need to know about marathon training and running a marathon. It is one of the most effective marathon training schedules for beginners available on the internet, ideal for anyone that wants to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time. Click here for more details.

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