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Which Marathon Route Should You Choose?

Most of the major cities in the world host their own marathons and every marathon route is different. Some are completely flat whilst others have hills and inclines. The majority of marathons are road races, but some can take place on varying terrains and surroundings.


The Stockholm marathon for example is an inner city race which has been rated by many runners as the best marathon in the world due in part to Stockholm’s natural beauty and historical buildings.


Marathon routes are no longer confined to towns and cities and the Midnight Sun Marathon which is held outside Tromso in Norway in June each year has the unusual feature of participants running in the midnight sun (known as the black sun, a natural phenomenon where the sun remains visible for a continuous 24 hours). The unique nature of this race attracts runners form all around the world.


The recent availability of GPS tracking devices means that a marathon route can now be held on snow, ice and desert terrains.


The Great Wall Marathon is another unusual race which is run on the Huangyaguan, Tianjin section of the Great Wall of China.


The Big Five Marathon is a very different kind of marathon experience which is based on the savannahs of South Africa. This race is run through private game reserves and through a lion territory. Race officials are accompanied by armed rangers and helicopter surveillance.


For an even more challenging race there is the Polar Circle Marathon which is based on the ice cap of Greenland in below freezing temperatures.


Whichever marathon route you decide to run on, road, off road, a different country or sand or snow, the key to enjoying and appreciating the whole experience is to be sufficiently prepared.

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