Marathon Training Schedule

What Is The Perfect Marathon Training Schedule

So you’ve decided to do it this year, you’re finally going to put in to action your long term goal of running your first marathon.


You’re ready, willing and able, but what do you do next?


At this point most people would search for a marathon training schedule. You can download them for free from most running or charity websites and generally they’ll give you a bunch of numbers which are either distances or times that you need to run each day.


The biggest problem with these free training schedules is that you’ll learn absolutely nothing about running a marathon and this puts you at serious risk of long term injury let alone ever being able to run one.


Any marathon training schedule worth reading should include all the following: -

  • Nutritional advice including menus, snacks and foods that will help boost energy levels allowing you to run further and faster.
  • New marathon training practices, not simply a list of miles or times to run each day. Modern marathon training techniques have progressed significantly. Overusing the same muscles and joints using outdated training techniques places too much stress on the body. Using advanced strategies as shown in my new guide – ‘Marathon Training For Beginners’ will quickly boost fitness levels and reduce the time spent pounding the streets.
  • How to select the correct clothing and running shoes.
  • Strategically placed rest days that account for the intensity of the previous days training.

But above all, an effective training schedule should teach you exactly how your body changes from the start of your training right up to race day. This way you’ll understand exactly when and how to change your training to boost your progress, quickly spot the signs of overtraining and sidestep debilitating injuries.

If you want to know more about training for a marathon, you need to learn all you can about running. ‘Marathon Training For Beginners’ is an entertaining and easy to use marathon training schedule for beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time. Click here for more details.

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