Marathon Training Schedule

Marathon Training Schedules - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Anything that has ever been accomplished in life can usually be tracked back to a plan or design, following a haphazard approach rarely gets the results we hope for.


Marathon training schedules are a bit like this in that you do need one. You need direction and goals and without a roadmap to success you will likely end up not achieving anything.


Watch out for these types of marathon training schedules: -


The Good


Training for a marathon requires a routine and any good schedule should contain this. Also there needs to be adequate rest days, which allows your body to recover and the opportunity for you to add in extra training if for some reason you haven’t been able to make your scheduled days.


The most important aspect of a good marathon training schedule is knowledge, you need to understand how your body and fitness should be changing. This will keep you motivated, but also you will be able to spot any signs of injury or overtraining before they happen.


The Bad


Any training schedule that is just a chart containing days and distances of runs or times for you to complete is absolutely useless. Training techniques have developed significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days of simply plodding away day after day, mile after mile. There are more efficient ways to improve your fitness which don’t place the same stresses on to the body.


The Ugly


Any schedules that promise you can run a marathon as a complete beginner in just a few weeks is nothing short of scandalous. This type of claim may well sell training programs, but it won’t produce many if any marathon runners.


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