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  • A beginners marathon training schedule is completely different to that used by an experienced marathon runner. You simply can't approach marathon training the same way.


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  • If you’ve ever watched the coverage of a televised marathon and wondered ‘how can I run a marathon’ and push myself like those runners do, don’t be put off, you can do it.

  • Ever wondered how long is a marathon? Running a marathon is a popular goal for many people with an interest in running, Could you do it?

  • If you’ve spent time training, improving your fitness and your endurance levels so that you have the ability to run a marathon, then learning exactly how to run a marathon will be the final piece of puzzle to put in place.

  • If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but you’ve never really been any good at running, how to train for a marathon is an important question that you need answering.

  • Without truly understanding how to train for your first marathon, you put yourself at risk of injury, stagnation and ultimately failure. Read these simple tips to get you started.

  • Marathon training for beginners is an easy to use marathon training schedule for complete beginners that want to learn how to successfully run a marathon in the shortest possible time.

  • One of the reasons why marathons are becoming more popular is that they are being used as a vehicle for raising money for charities and worthy causes. Whichever marathon charity you choose should be something that is close to your heart.

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  • Being good at any sport or activity requires practise and dedication. Whilst running a marathon doesn’t need any actual skill as such, it does require that you devote enough time to improving and developing your marathon fitness.

  • Getting your marathon nutrition right can have a dramatic effect on your progress and recovery from your marathon training. Eat poorly and you will run out of energy and recover slowly.

  • Running your first marathon is all about completing the race. It’s an endurance event which requires that you have the stamina to keep going for 26.2 miles, so your marathon pace is a very important factor.

  • After completion of the race your body and mind need some attention. Follow these simple but effective tips to speed up your marathon recovery and have you back on the roads in no time.

  • Every marathon route is different. Some are completely flat whilst others have hills and inclines. The majority of marathons are road races, but some can take place on varying terrains and surroundings

  • Marathon runners are a unique breed, with their own typical personality traits and attitudes towards exercise and healthy living. You can learn a lot from the way they approach their training, both good and bad.

  • Marathon running has changed over the years, many of the outdated beliefs and training techniques replaced with newer and more effective ways of improving fitness and endurance

  • Perhaps the two biggest fears of all first time marathon runners are the fear of not finishing at all or finishing last. For most runners however the average time for completing a marathon is...

  • Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to something you have never experienced before, such as running a marathon. Little things make a big difference to the success that you have.

  • So you’ve decided to do it this year, you’re finally going to put in to action your long term goal of running your first marathon, so what's next?

  • Marathon training schedules are an essential part of marathon training, you need direction and goals and without these you are unlikely to succeed, but be wary some schedules will teach you nothing about running a marathon.

  • I have assembled all the marathons in the UK that I am aware of at the current time of writing. Simply click on the marathon you are interested in to be taken to their website

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  • If you want the inside scoop on how to train for and run your first marathon, then these informative reports will be invaluable to you.

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  • The London marathon has become one of the top 5 marathons in the world and attracts the finest athletes from many different countries. It has become more than just a road race, it is now seen by many as a festival of sport.

  • Training for a marathon is unlike most other sports. Running a marathon requires no skill, anyone in good health that can walk with no injuries could run a marathon if they wanted to.

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  • Weight training isn't always a runner’s top priority but if it isn’t part of your fitness program at all, you're missing out on more than just buff biceps!